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  • In heraldry, white has been known to depict purity, peace and sincerity. Even when you combine all the colors of the rainbow, the result will be that of white light, making the credible notion that in the absence of color, white enhances and uplifts all other hues, making it probably the most versatile of all colors. With Pure White’s pallor, it hides nothing, while fostering a clean and ascetic surface, making it the ultimate blank canvas for even the most novice decorator, since all-white space decorating can pivot in so many directions.

  • Snow-covered peaks, creviced to excellence and sculpted by eons of winters, or serrated mountainous regions, flecked with ridges and shrouded in bone-grey mist and then viewed from high above, all creates a spectacular view of strewn hues that when combined, resembles this solid acrylic worktop surface.Wolfstone Snowpeak has much more depth to it than any plain slab can generate. It is the perfect shade of grey, dotted with specks of random black, muted white scatter and slight hints of fine nut-brown. A dispersal of color that gives it enough confidence to stand on its own with no added gimmicks. 

  • Wolfstone Snow is the perfect shade that resembles those icy feathered crystals falling from a winter sky and then hugging the ground to create a hefty blanket of solid white that looks like sparkling diamonds when catching rays of the sun. Its look is like that of a wrapped present that only spring can open.As with the sight of the first fallen snow, this hue is even more beautiful under the glare of light, resembling an enticing sparkle that lures with a fresh feeling of smooth brisk, while a solid acrylic surface harder than frozen ground, with no overbearing flashy colors, sharp hues or garish patterns.

  • Like its name implies, Blizzard Detail solid acrylic work surfaces have a soft, wintry white color. With an ominous swirl that creates a storm like visual, accented by gentle specks of light grey, the intensity is subtle, but beautiful. It’s easy to be swept away by the brightness of the white which is instantly calmed by the mildness of the steely gray shade. Almost certain to get lost in its stormy and vast graphic potential, rather imagine that same coolness, kissed with frosty shades of gray specks, on your kitchen countertops.With its neutral colors, Blizzard Detail works in a variety of residential and commercial applications, including countertops, backsplashes, kitchen islands and tabletops.It would be a stunning choice for a luxurious steam shower or even the fireplace as well.

  • Advocating all the lushness that a dark solid color combined with just enough random splatter of fine light can bring - black space with fine sparkles of luminous vivacity depicts a type of vastness, that we cannot yet begin to measure, but it also brings with it a calming lure towards the enigmatic and unknown.When we look up at night’s sky, it’s hard not to get lost in its splendor and endlessness whereas Wolfstone Night unleashes what seems like another, yet similar personality in its presence. 

  • A very intriguing shade that resembles glistening white Chalk Cliffs bordering the ocean in a summer sun. With a white base and scattered darker grey and taupe specs, the appearance is made even more gentle with finely strewn salt-resembling glitter. This very fine luster, when caught by light, enforces the different traits of personality that this color has the potential to. Like a pebble on a beach, every tiny spec is unique. Wolfstone Chalk Cliffs lets you create an ideal visual scene of where a stony ruggedness meets an almost porcelain like smooth with a very gentle glitter, making it and uplifting, yet versatile color.

  • Wolfstone Carrara is notable because of its strong resemblance to traditional marble. It has an icy, stark white hue with streaks of gray and black running throughout.Referring to Carrara marble that has been used since the time of ancient Rome, the name also belongs to an Italian city, notable for the white marble quarried there.Depending on the amount of veining, the bright white background can also appear to be like eggshell or alabaster. Any way you look at it, Carrara is a gorgeous look and it is the perfect solution for when marble is not as practical, depending on your application, like kitchen countertops, because marble can be easily stained whereas solid acrylic is much more practical and durable.

  • From the known Galaxy and out towards the unknown, we can only envision to interpret a different way of reality.A jet-black foundation that is highlighted by flecks of radiant blue, crimson red and sunset orange that look like they could be planets, comets and other space objects floating around in the dark atmosphere. The elongated specks give overall movement as it looks like the colors are darting across the pitch dark background. Running throughout the random pattern are bright white dots that resemble twinkling stars. It really is a breathtaking choice for a kitchen countertop or bathroom vanity.

  • This beautiful kitchen worktop color will surely bring a lot of class into your kitchen or home. Its color reminds us of nature, the sky and the ocean, but most predominantly, as its name suggests, of mountains seen from afar, covered in a slight layer of mist. Its this mist that refracts light, which makes the haze look blue and shimmery from a distance, hence the name “Crystal Mountain”.  Its gentle appearance brings a feeling of peace with it. It is soft on the eyes, and this is frankly one of its strongest qualities. Its beauty comes from the tranquility it inspires.

  • As a spectacular view from above of laden fruit bearing trees creates a work of art with perfect blends of random autumns color, Wolfstone Orchard conveys a feel of bounty and excitement. It is a unique piece that would be a show stopping addition to any kitchen or bath.Wolfstone Orchard has a base of bright white that is layered with multicolored patches of vibrant shades of smoky orange, sunset yellow, olive green and black. The colors move throughout the piece like they are dancing. The patches, which come in a variety of sizes and shapes, are arranged in no particular pattern and it’s that lack of rhyme and reason that makes Orchard so fascinating to gaze at. 

  • Solid acrylic kitchen countertops are designed so they can be a complementary accent in the room or an attention-grabbing focal point. While the name Baltic might take you to the harsh and cold Baltic sea, the color, design and texture of this fabulous piece of solid surface worktop is nothing short of dramatic.A solid acrylic worksurface color that reminds of the brackish inland sea, casting a greenish golden hue with hints of tan, gold and white wispy veins resembling stormy waves, circulating throughout. The effect is fabulous and Wolfstone Baltic will add a good bit of flair to any home improvement project. It is easy to be captivated by how the glorious shades work together to form one warm, cohesive look. 

  • Resembling giant concrete jungles in the morning sun’s glisten. Big city skylines that serve as the foundation of modern life, holding time, the elements and entropies at bay. Wolfstone Concrete Shimmer incorporates this feature perfectly, with a light sparkle that creates a shimmer with casting light, breaking down the bland of plain and ordinary grey.Unlike actual concrete, whose chief quality is to harden and then degrade, slowly over time, Wolfstone’s Solid Acrylic Worktops combines durability with practicality and elegance, so trends can come and trends can go, but neutral type colors never go out of style.

  • Clouds can be black and ominous, grey and muddy or white and misty – and Cloud by Wolfstone captures the essence of them all in one stunning piece of solid acrylic. Featuring a light grey foundation, Cloud is characterized by sweeping strokes of white, darker grey and even an occasional hint of black.  It looks like the strokes were hand painted with great flourish to create a one-of-a-kind finish. It will look stunning as part of a kitchen countertop, breakfast bar or backsplash.Besides other common uses, Wolfstone Cloud is also the perfect choice for a living room fireplace backsplash, laundry room folding table, bedroom windowsills or even a foyer bench. 

  • Incorporating this earthy hue can add a rich and warm tone to any room.There is a place in the state of California called the Coral Mountains. It is a beautiful mountain region and what captures your eye the most is the soothing and tranquil induced colors that is generated with the different seasons.Wolfstone Coral Mountain copies this scenic beauty with its different shades of beige, mingling amongst brassy tans, a slight hint of sunset orange hidden away and scattered black dots resembling charcoal colored tree stumps, making it the perfect color to be paired with most colors found in nature.

  • An intricate blend of a fine light brownish base, darker grey scatter of ebbed rock and streaks of misty white, all enhanced by randomly strewn diamond glitter, creates a serene visual that reminds of a rocky and mountainous landscape, viewed from above. The jumbled streaks of off-white look like fog covered valleys with the darker grey veining resembling quarts filled crevices. 

  • Wolfstone Cristallo, a solid acrylic work surface that is subtle in color, but when you dig a little deeper, you discover some really remarkable features in its appearance.On the surface, Wolfstone Cristallo looks to be a light gray shade with even lighter swirls randomly churning throughout, but there’s no rhyme or reason to how they flow and if you look closer, it sways perfectly between light and dark grey. This makes its patterns unique, as it even reminds of fossil and thus promises to grasp your imagination for years to come.