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Wolfstone Solid Acrylic Quick Installation Guide

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6 Steps to A Perfect Solid Surface Installation 

For the complete Wolfstone installation guide Wolfstone Installation Guide

Wolfstone was created to give the worktop, kitchen, bathroom, construction and  home renovation trade, as well as DIY enthusiasts a material that has all the same characteristics as stone, without the hassle or specialized tooling required. Wolfstone outperforms granite and quartz in most areas and is not only cheaper than stone but easier to fabricate/install with the least amount of effort, time and specialized equipment making showroom quality countertops now accessible to all.

Below is a quick Wolfstone installation guide which will show how to easily achieve this in 6 simple steps.     


Equipment you will require for Wolfstone installation

Random Orbital Sander | Circular Saw | Jigsaw | Router & Bits (Min 1800watt) | Glue Gun | Tape Measure | Work Bench | Vacuum Cleaner

1 Measuring Up

Your Layout and Joint positions are extremely important, so insure the following.

  • Min 70mm gap between joints and cutout
  • Min 50mm gap between cut-outs and worktop edge
  • Joints should fall on unit ends for added joint support 
  • 1mm expansion gap for every linear meter of worksurface.
  • No unsupported overhang larger than 300mm

After Step 1

After step 1 you should be ready to order your Wolfstone worktops in the selected sizes to meet your project requirements.

Some important info on Delivery & Storage

  • Check worktops on delivery for damages.
  • Store worksurfaces horizontal and flat in dry well-ventilated area.
  • Do not store countertops vertically or on one edge.
  • Wolfstone worktops and additional materials/accessories to be stored at least 24hours at room temperature prior to installation.
  • Make sure when storing worktops on battens that it is supported every 300mm.

WS Storage 2.png

2 Installation Preparation

  • Make sure all tools are sharp, clean and undamaged (Better tools, better finish)
  • All base units and supports final level check, before commencing fabrication and installation.
  • Double check all adhesives, installation kits and if enough has been acquired for a successful Install and perfect surface finish.
  • Final measurement, joint and cut-out accuracy check.
  • If multiple lengths are to be used, dry-fit tops prior to installation and cutting to check colour consistency between lengths.
  • Make sure all jigs, appliances and sinks are onsite during installation as reference and for accuracy purposes

3 Cutting Worktops

  • Use cutting track or clamped straight edge for accuracy.
  • Add at least 2mm onto length for essential router trim.
  • Use fine tooth blade on circular saw.
  • Jig saw with high quality blade can be used for rough cut.
  • Always use router to finish off rough edges or trim.
  • Cut at slow constant pace.
  • Always make sure blade is at max speed before making contact with worksurface.

4 Worktop Cut-Outs

Cut-outs refers to finished and unfinished cut-outs, drainer grooves and radius corners

  • Where possible use jigs or make templates for specific appliances or tasks that need to be completed.
  • Cut-outs can be done by Jigsaw, router or cutter.
  • Always give min 10mm radius corners rather than square, as this ensures structural longevity.
  • Always use a router to profile cut-out edges with a 2-3mm radius.
  • Visible cut-outs (for Undermounted sinks etc..) can simply be finished as the main surface is finished.
  • Add heat reflective tape to hob cut-outs.

5 Joining Worktops

  • Edges to be joined must be trimmed by router.
  • Always dry fit to make sure opposite edges to be joined fit properly.
  • Before applying colour-matched adhesive; sand edges with 120 grit for exceptional joint strength
  • Always make sure edges are cleaned with denatured alcohol as not to contaminate colour matched adhesive with dirt.
  • Create seamless joints with the simple hot glue & Mdf block method or seaming tool.
  • Simply sand and finish joint in the prescribed method similar to main surface finishing instructions; for seamless and often invisible joints.

6 Finishing the Surface

  •  To produce a consistent finish to the worktop surface, we recommend using an orbital sander with 400 grit sanding paper and the final abrasive pad to finish the entire worktop surface.
  • The finishing technique is important to ensure an even finish to the whole of the worksurface.
  • To do this the method used is to alternate between a north-south and east-west finishing pattern.
  • After each pass with the sander it is important to wipe away any residual dust from the surface
  • As you move through the finishing process, slowly feather out to the rest of the worksurface
  • Also make sure that as well as removing any dust from the surface to also do so from the sanding pad.
  • The finishing process must also be applied to the edges to ensure a complete and even finish.
  • Finally, wipe all the residual dust away with a cloth.
  • The result is a beautiful consistent satin finish.

Top Care and Maintenance Tips

  • Only use warm soapy water to clean the surface - No Bleach needed.
  • Always use surface protectors like hot rods and chopping boards.
  • Clean spills as quick as possible.

By simply following these 3 good worksurface practices, which are the same for all worktop materials you can insure that you enjoy your Wolfstone surfaces for many years to come.

For Wolfstones Complete Installation Guide Wolfstone Installation Guide