• Naturally Inspired Perfection


    Naturally inspired, perfected by us; Wolfstone™ is a cool to the touch, carefully selected and constructed range of décors employing only the worlds latest surface technologies. From modern and sleek to farmhouse and cosy, not to mention hints of ruggedness surrounded by elegance, no matter what your vision one of our Wolfstone™ colours will be the perfect match. As Wolfstone™ is solid it carries the same consistency and richness of colour through the entire thickness of the surface, insuring flawless edge details, visible cut-outs, drainer grooves and much more.

  • Easy Logistics


    Every Wolfstone™ surface is wrapped and boxed for maximum protection allowing for safe transport and storage, we do this so when the worktop is required it is in perfect condition insuring an even easier and flawless installation, from the start. With unbelievable durability Wolfstone is still considerably less in weight compared to granite and quartz, making storage, delivery and logistics something that can now be managed without heavy machinery or specialized equipment.  

  • Seamless Joints


    With Wolfstone™ colour matched adhesives and correctly following worktop joining instructions you can achieve seamless and inconspicuous joints. This leads to the visual splendour of uninterrupted lines, with work surfaces of sleek modern and hygienic in nature. However this ability to seamlessly join surfaces also opens many doors to other design possibilities in many other areas, with your mind being the only limit.

  • Cut-Outs On Site

    Now you don’t need to have stone to have an under-mounted sink. Wolfstone™ is 100% waterproof and solid in construction/colour. Now you can show off even more of your work surface with visible cut outs and accommodating drainer grooves in the worktop surface, at a fraction of the time and cost all accomplished on site.

  • 100% Waterproof 100% Solid

    Waterproof-Angle 1 crop.png

    Wolfstone™ has NO chipboard or MDF sub-frame and is solid acrylic through the materials thickness, assuring you of a 100% waterproof composite material that will stand up to the test of even the wettest areas.

  • Less Time & Better Results

    All the mentioned attributes of Wolfstone™ leads to one final conclusion. Wolfstone™ is a better surface for a better industry that leads to better living.

  • Wolfstone™ For the Kitchen

    Wolfstone™ For the Kitchen

    There is no area that showcases Wolfstone attributes better than the kitchen.

    From cold to hot, to wet and dry, not to mention the sharp and weighted objects around, the kitchen has every obstacle possible to challenge even the best surface. Wolfstone solid surface kitchen worktops were made exactly for this and it is evident in all the amazing attributes what makes our surface what it is….an easy to install, seamless, cost effective, hygienic, wipe clean, worktop solution that is even repairable.

    The flexibility that Wolfstone has in design possibilities are endless and is also contributed to its unique product attributes. Now you can have over-sized breakfast bars and island units, curved or breakfront worktops, under-mounted sinks, reassessed hobs and basically anything you can imagine, all with matching upstands and splashbacks for that complete and rounded look.

    All this design possibilities can be accomplished onsite with standard wood working tools, making Wolfstone not only the most innovative and cost-effective alternative to granite and quartz but also the easiest, practical and time conscious material as well.

  • Wolfstone™ For the Bathroom

    Wolfstone™ For the Bathroom

    There are many areas that would benefit from the attributes of Wolfstone™ but none more than the humble bathroom, that requires bathroom countertops and waterproof surfaces for vanities, walls and more. Not only will you be adding to the visual appeal of your bathroom by adding one of our trend setting decors to your bathroom but with constant water and steam present, also be contributing to higher levels of hygiene and lower levels of maintenance and cleaning.

    Replacing old or starting of new, bathroom worksurfaces with Wolfstone™ are now a breeze, taking minutes and hours not days to achieve your remodelling goals. Not to mention the design possibilities that are now at your disposal from curved front edges to under-mounted or sit-on bowls and matching upstands, which all cut outs, holes and worktop finishing can be achieved onsite for further piece of mind and accuracy.

    All our worktop lengths are suitable for this area, however our half-board length of 1500 x 650 x 25mm allows the depth for more design possibilities and cutting down to specific sizes, were the shorter length helps with unwanted wastage that is generally created by the smaller area of space and material required for it.

  • Wolfstone™ For All Other Areas

    Utility rooms, offices, bars, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, dentistry’s and the famous South African braai area. There is very few areas that seamless, easy to install, low maintenance, 100% hygienic, repairable Wolfstone solid surface worktops can’t be used and contribute positively to easier installations, better surface performance and simply put, just better areas.

    All these areas mentioned have the same challenging conditions as most busy kitchens in the home, making Wolfstone an absolute must to consider for these type of projects as it has been designed to perform at its optimal best under these specific environments. Not to mention Wolfstone short and long term cost saving abilities, with absolute piece of mind being repairable surface.